About us

We’re Ann & Patrick. We make a great team in life and work, and, in recent years, we’ve been travelling to various countries across the world – India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

Our specialty is Day in the Life sessions. Watching reactions of families seeing their daily lives captured in a fresh, dynamic and vibrant way is truly heartwarming.

Telling stories with pictures has always been at heart of what we do as photographers. We want your story to reflect who you truly are. That’s why we’re keen observers on the lookout for subtle details – those little gestures that make all the difference and express your feelings for each other.

Our intuitions developed over 10 years of experience in documentary photography enable us to create stories to be cherished by generations to come, and which you’ll be proud to share with others. We know how to make people feel at ease in front of our cameras – thanks to our relaxed and discreet style our subjects often tell us that they forgot we were even there.

It’s a privilege to witness and document stories of love, support and affection. We’re lucky to be able to do what we love and we’re happy to share it with the world.