Day in the Life

Unposed story of your adventures

How does it work?

One of the best things about Day in the Life sessions is that they don’t take meticulous preparations. With our sessions, the key word is authenticity. That’s why there’s no need to worry about the kids misbehaving – the more you relax into just having a good time together, the more touching the story will be.

Witnessing, not directing

We want your pictures to show who you truly are as a family. That’s why:
– No posing.
– No matching outfits.
– No cheesy smiles.
It’s all about you enjoying your time together. We’ll take care of the rest.

What about the location?

There’s no need to stress about choosing the perfect location – the main idea behind Day in the Life is to show your normal day. However, having a general idea of where and how you’d like to spend the day is good and it’s something we’ll discuss before the session. It could be a trip somewhere on the island or simply a lazy day on the beach – any location is good as long as it reflects how you like to spend your time as a family. All we need from you on the day is to be in the moment – we’ll take care of the rest and create a memorable story.

How long is the session?

We usually start in the morning when you’re all getting ready, having breakfast and starting your day, and we carry on until the kids are getting ready to bed. Although a full session is about 8 hours, we also do shorter sessions – in the mornings of afternoons.

Ready to create your story? Contact us to find out how to begin – we’ll be happy to meet or chat on the phone.